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Our Story

Victory Multifamily (VMF), founded by Vikram Jangam, initially made waves in commercial and land development, before evolving into a leading multi-family real estate investment firm.

Aman Singh, a visionary co-founder, joined Vikram in steering VMF's business acquisitions and operations. At VMF, we at our core we "Think Big, Invest Smart". Our mission revolves around acquiring large multi-family assets, fostering partnerships with investors, and managing each step of the investment process.

Education sits at the heart of what we do. We provide clear, straightforward information on multi-family real estate investing to guide smart, passive investment decisions.

Meet Our Expert Team

Vikram Jangam
CEO & Founder

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Vikram Jangam boasts 22 years of notable success in real estate. A partner at LynBa Ventures and Co-founder of Westside Investment Group,

Prasuna Pasham

With over 20 years in the real estate arena, Prasuna Pasham is a celebrated entrepreneur known for her dynamic leadership at LynBa Ventures and Westside Investment Group.

Aman Singh

Aman Singh, a skilled entrepreneur with a decade-long track record in real estate investment, offers valuable consultancy to Federal and Commercial clients. An advocate for affordable housing,

Manpreet Kaur

Manpreet Kaur is an entrepreneur and real estate investor with a nursing background who has passionately invested in affordable housing. Beyond her financial contributions,

Johnson Hoang
Investor Relation

Johnson Hoang is a seasoned real estate expert with eight years in the industry. His skills span from commercial property valuation for governments and financial institutions to strategizing

Bryan Walter
Property Management

Bryan Walter, an executive team member since 2019, has been invaluable with his Marketing degree from the University of Arkansas and proficiency in commercial and residential real estate services.